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Sunday May 9th – A 60K ride bike riding in Northeast Edmonton . It was a cool blustery afternoon with threatening skies, some rain, gusty winds.

Stormy sky over Edmonton looking southwest over the Hermitage community

The first 10K on the way to Rundle park was ridden in the rain. I was going to turn around if it didn’t stop by the 10K point, but it did and I continued North. After cycling up through Hermitage I got on to Meridian Street and followed it up until it intersected the Old Fort Road which I then took until it hit Manning freeway. From there I put in a few kilometers heading north on highway 28A . I thought I was doing well until I turned around and had to ride into the wind. It was a struggle  heading home and I probably pushed a but too hard and exhausted myself.

Monday evening May 10th – a 40K ride up Mill Creek ravine, past the velodrome and south into Mill Woods. It was a lot cooler evening than I expected.  I was chilled and very glad I had my windbreaker with me for the return ride. This day’s 40K means I had done 150K over three days. Not bad but in two weeks I will have to be doing double that distance – and in mountain terrain.
Tuesday May 11 this was the organizational meeting for the EBTC Golden Triangle Tour. It was very interesting and a bit intimidating to walk into the meeting room (a few minutes late due to the challenge of finding a place to lock up my bike at the hostel). I wished I knew some of the people there but I’ve been away too long. I was pleasantly surprised by the age of the group – in other words, only a handful I would readily say are much younger than me – lots of gray hair in the crowd.

Wednesday – another rest day just a short 14 K roundtrip to MEC for the EBTC club night. Picked up a few supplies for the Golden Triangle trip including rain boots, extra gloves, safety vest and ???

Thursday May 13th – An evening ride, a pleasant 40K out southwest  to and beyond  Terwilligar.

Saturday May 15 – One week before the trip and my goal was to do a 100 Km in one day not so much for training at this point as to prove to myself that I could do it. It was a beautiful morning except for the smoke in the air from forest/ brush/grass fires northwest of the City.

I started with a 30K trip up  through Rundle and Hermitage parks leaving at 8:45 in the morning and taking about an hour an a half. I stopped briefly in Rundle park to take a few photos of the ponds and the geese.

The second leg of the day began at 11AM and took an hour  40 minutes. This was another 30K journey, this one south through Mill Creek ravine and on to Mill Woods.

At 4:30 in the afternoon I began the third and final leg – a 40K  trip southwest through the river valley to Terwilligar. About 10 K into this ride I was feeling burnt out but after a bit of an energy bar and some water I came around and completed the ride with ease. I arrived home just before 7PM, achieving my goal of a 100K day. Most importantly, although I felt pleasantly tired I did not have any significant pain – my neck was okay, my wrists were fine as were my Achilles tendons  and calf muscles – All very encouraging and filling me with confidence  for being able to complete next weekend’s Golden Triangle.

Week 7 of my Golden Triangle preparation ends with a very pleasing 243K which gives me 828 for the seven weeks. I’d originally penciled in 1000K as my pre-Triangle goal but I will probably come a little short as I will want to taper in the coming week.

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