Going for Gold – Week 6   Leave a comment

Yet another cool week with little riding. On Sunday May 2nd I started the week with a 45K ride up through McKinnon ravine and along the top of the river bank then out to the west end through the residential streets.

The week was wiped out for cycling as Tuesday saw 10-15 cm of snow fall and the rest of the week temperatures were well below normal (highs in the low single digits). On top of this my sore right calf muscle was getting worse and I was not able to walk normally and feared I wouldn’t be able to cycle either.
On Saturday May 8th I went out for a 50K ride south through Terwilligar. This ride was a test of my calf muscle. It was okay for cycling as long as I didn’t get out of the saddle to power up hills. Staying in the saddle in a  low gear with minimal ankle action worked well.

So week 6 ends with just 95K of cycling to give a six week total of 585 Km – only three weeks until the start of the Golden Triangle!

Posted May 15, 2010 by Randy Talbot in Cycle Touring

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