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Randy in the Canadian Rockies on first day of the 2010 Golden Triangle

Randy Talbot is an avid cyclist and cycling advocate from Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. This blog is about the world of cycling from his perspective. A lifelong cyclist, Randy uses the bike for fitness, travel, relaxing and getting around town.  He also enjoys following cycle racing. If it on wheels and human powered, Randy’s interested.

In this blog Randy looks back at some of the great tours in his past. His longer tours include:

Most of these trips were self-supported, camping trips with occasional hostel or bed and breakfasts. Randy has also done many day and supported weekend trips with the Edmonton Bicycle and Touring Club (EBTC). Randy has  served on the executive of the EBTC as treasurer and newsletter editor.

Randy loves cycling (particularly touring) for it where it takes him and what he sees. Capturing his adventures with photography is always part of the experience. On this blog you will see many of his  photos to help tell the stories. More of Randy’s photos (a number of cycling images but lots of other subjects too) can be seen on his Flickr photostream.

Zen Cyclist? – Zen is defined on the belief of enlightenment through meditation. Randy finds the process of cycling (especially on the open  road) to be a very meditative practice and indeed an enlightening activity. The blog title is also a tip of the cycling cap to one of Randy’s all time favorite books, Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance Although the mode of transportation in that epic story was motorized, it was still two wheels on the open road, man and machine – a journey for enlightenment – Zen.

Of course this blog will also look forward to plans for future adventures and discuss anything to do with cycling from topical issues, to books and magazines, to equipment. As one can not live by cycling alone, so blog topics also address cross-training activities such as running and cross-country skiing . Randy has ran and completed four marathons and numerous other road races.

Whatever the topic, your questions and comments are most welcome. You can also follow Randy on Twitter under the name RandallTT, where he tweets about cycling as well as his other passions, photography and painting.  Send a direct e-mail to Randy at: rttalbot@gmail.com

Posted May 2, 2010 by Randy Talbot

5 responses to “About Randy Talbot, Zen Cyclist

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  1. Would you be able to suggest a safe cycling route from St Albert to the University hospital? Thanks!

    Lesley burnet
    • I’m afraid that I don”t have any personal experience to make a recommendation. I have been meaning to do some route research and ride out to St Albert. I found this route described on the bikemap.net website that I may try out myself:

      • Thanks for replying. When you did the 70k ride and you crossed Groat road where did you gofrom there to get to terwillegar? Did you go through Buena Vista Park and then Laurier Park to cross Quenelle Bridge? I am sorry I just don’t know that area very well.

        Lesley burnet
      • After taking the Groat Bridge to the south side of the river, I stayed on the south side. There is a decent route on bike paths until south of fort Edmonton Park then I took quiet residential streets. I will have to lay out my route on a mapping program one of these days 🙂

  2. Thanks I like you site

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