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Silver Triangle Here I Come   1 comment

After our second spring snowfall had melted away enough to leave the street mostly dry, I got my touring bike out last Saturday (April 7th). It was a chilly afternoon ride, but the sun was out so can’t complain too much. I did my typical early season route which is from central Edmonton, along the bike path in Dawson Park then along Ada Boulevard to Rundle Park, a lap of the park and back. With a good 100psi in the tires I sure noticed that  the riding was a lot easier than the time I’d taken my mountain bike on this route a couple of weeks earlier.

My motivation for heading out on this day? Well, I had just registered to join the Silver Triangle tour. This Edmonton Bicycle and Touring Club (EBTC) organized ride will be happening in mid-June in central BC ( the Canadian province of British Columbia). The riding starts in Silverton on Slocan Lake and we will ride over to Kaslo on Kootenay Lake, following it south to Nelson, up Highway 6 through Winlaw, back along the shore of Slocan Lake to Nakusp . I’ll also be looking forward to a visit to the Ainsworth Hot Springs along the way.

I have not ridden this area before but am told it is beautiful and traffic should be light. We will be covering about 100 Km per day with some mountainous terrain – hence the need to kick off some serious training. The challenge as always will be to push myself to get the cardio-vascular system and muscles in shape, without causing injury to a knee or something like that.

A key part of my training will be participating in the EBTC Target the Tour Classic training rides each Sunday. The intent of these rides is to train for the Tour de l’Alberta ride (and particularly the 185K distance). That ride will be my secondary personal goal for this season (well the first half anyway). As such this year is looking similar to 2010 for me. That year I started with the Golden Triangle in May and then did the 100K distance in the Tour in July.

Got the It’s-September-and-I-Haven’t-Ridden-in-a-Month Blues   Leave a comment

It’s almost the middle of September and another weekend has slipped by without me getting out on two wheels. I’m not sure what has happened to what was supposed to be such a great year for my return to cycling. The summer has flown by, I’ve been busy with other things and I guess one of the biggest factors is that I haven’t had a cycling  goal for late summer.

The year started off great with riding in March, while there was still a fair bit of snow on the ground. The motivation for that time of year was the commitment I made to ride the Golden Triangle on the third weekend of May. My riding fell off a bit but I still kept going in June and July with my goal to ride the Tour de l’Alberta on July 25th. Although I did not do anywhere near enough riding to attempt the 185K distance and had to scale back my goal to the 100K distance but successfully completed it . After that ride I fully intended to take in a weekend trip with the EBTC and a number of day rides. That never happened though. Lesson for next year will be to find a significant commitment for a late summer tour – a Labour Day weekend tour would be ideal.

While my cycling hasn’t been happening I am pleased with my cross training progress. In August I got back to running. Some new shoes seemed to have cured the running injuries that had plagued me early in the year so I’ve been able to get in a couple of runs a week. I’m also pleased that I have been able to get into a regular yoga routine. For the last month I’ve done a session of yoga each morning, averaging  about 20 minutes and gradually adding asanas and lengthening the duration of each session. It is going to be a very long term project to reach the flexibility I’d like to have, but I am pretty pleased so far just to have gotten into the habit of a daily yoga practice.

And cycling is not over for the year. I fully expect to be able to ride through October and with a bit of luck November. I will be restricted to weekend rides and will have to pull out the the cold weather gear – but the same stuff I started riding in back in March. My main challenge will be getting back in the right frame of mind to get out on the road and trails. I will probably increase my trail riding and may even put some knobby tires back on the mountain bike but I will be back!

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