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I have to mention and recommend a cycling podcast that I’ve been listening to for the last year and find very interesting. I am referring to  The Bike Show which a weekly radio show on Resonance FM in London (England). The show is hosted by Jack Thurston and covers the whole spectrum of cycling.

I first discovered the program as Thurston did a couple of episodes describing his bicycle tour from Montreal to New York, but I’ve appreciated the coverage of all topics to do with bike culture. There have been shows about the Tour de France – previews and reviews. an interesting discussion and a debate of new plans for bike routes in London and a story on  Bicycle Thieves, a bicycle-based bit of theater in London (where the audience of 50 travel on bikes, alongside the actors to various locations where the story plays out – fascinating)!  As I write these words I am listening to an interview with Ron Cooper, a 79-year old frame builder as he reminisces over his life in the cycling world and some 7000 frames he has built.

You never know what the program will cover next – it’s kind of like cycle touring in an area you’ve never been through before – always a surprise, always a pleasure to be making the journey, and delight and food-for-thought in what you see (or in this case hear). While the programs often would be of most interest to someone in the London region (and secondly in the UK), never have I  found the discussion to not be informative and worth listening to. Also the programs feature a musical interlude with some connection back to the program of the day (I can appreciate the challenge in finding those musical connections). Most programs run about half an hour.

Check out the program’s  blog/program notes page and you will find links to listen to the programs or to subscribe on iTunes.

Posted August 8, 2010 by Randy Talbot in Cycling

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