Tour Down Under 2012 (on a cold winter night)   2 comments

What a world we live in. Here I am on a dark winter evening in Edmonton, the temperature is -17C – and I am watching live coverage of the 5th stage of the Tour Down Under from the Adelaide area in Australia, where it is a hot, sunny afternoon.

The web coverage of this event is being streamed by Sky Sports via the ProCyclingLive website. I wasn’t thinking about the event being on but was fortunate to notice a tweet from @procyclinglive. A special treat is that the commentary is being provided by Paul Sherwen and Phil Liggett, legendary Tour de France commentators.

It’s not the same as riding oneself but watching these guys cruise along the Australian coast is not a bad way to spend a winter’s evening.

2 responses to “Tour Down Under 2012 (on a cold winter night)

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  1. I stumbled on your blog by pure accident, when I was searching for some pictures of our Edmonton river valley. I have to read more stories on your blog, but I liked the one about the river valley bike trails.

    Than I read your blog about 2012 Tour Down Under… funny thing is, I also leave in Edmonton, and this past January I was IN Adelaide watching TDU alive!! What a small world! It was fantastic to see Greipel win that criterium race in downtown Adelaide. I also watched Valverde win atop Old Willunga Hill outside of Adelaide.

    I’ am also a cyclist and have my own blog here: Stop by and read what I have to say about cycling in Edmonton.

    Take care. Zdenko.

    • Thanks Zdenko. It must have been very nice to have been in Adelaide in January for the TDU. I did stop by your blog and am very impressed. I have bookmarked it and will check back regularly. Happy riding (maybe we’ll see each other on the road some day)!

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