Memories of the South of France   Leave a comment

As a mid-April  snow storm blankets the Edmonton region and possibly wipes out hope of a weekend ride, I stumbled across this photo that takes me to a warmer, happier place:

The photo is not great, being just a poor scan of a slide, but it is enough to take me right back.

That is me, on my fully loaded touring bike, probably about to take a photo. The year was 1985, the place France, presumably in the south, perhaps near Arles. That summer I was on a three or four week cycle tour that started in Arles in the south and ended at Strasbourg in the northeast.

I really hope I can get some more and better scans of my photos and find a journal I may have kept, in order to share more stories from that adventure.

Posted April 15, 2011 by Randy Talbot in Cycle Touring

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