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Where has the winter gone? Well unfortunately no where. Here in Edmonton on 2011 Feb 20, it is decidedly winter with at least a 50 cm snow cover and temperatures in the minus 20’s. It would have been a great winter to get back to skiing  but alas I’ve found myself too busy with other activities to even get the boards (or snowshoes) out once.

It is time to start thinking about  cycling again. Last year at this time it was just four weeks from when I got out on the bike trails for the first time of the year That was the start of my training for the Golden Triangle ride in May. This year it is hard to imagine at this point that in a month the trails and roads will be clear enough and the air warm enough to be out on two wheels – but it is possible. By the time we reach March there is a lot of heat in the sun and things can melt pretty quickly. I am keeping my finger crossed.

I had planned (back in the fall) to get an indoor resistance trainer and keep up a regular cycling routine through the winter but I never did and at this point I’m not sure if it would be worth it. I will probably to a bit of research into trainers and see if I can pick one up at a good end-of-season clearance price. Does anyone have any recommendations or can point me to a good site for product reviews?

2010 Golden Triangle

Looking back at last year, my big plans didn’t turn out quite like I had hoped. I did do the Golden Triangle (except for the last half day due to knee and mechanical problems). I did complete the 100K ride of the Tour de l’Alberta.

2010 Tour de l'Alberta

Although early in the season I had planned to do the 185K distance, I didn’t keep up the training through June that would have been necessary so I scaled back my goal . Last year I had expected to participate in a lot of EBTC events – day rides and a few weekend tours but never got to one – beyond the two events  that I mentioned.

What are my cycling plans for 2011? As every year it is to do more than the previous year. The EBTC will be part of my plan again, with hopefully a group ride every week or two. I would love to do a Banff-Jasper tour. Last year it filled up  before I got registered but this year I will try harder. I’ve got great memories (and photos) of having cycled this route a few times in the past. This ride would likely be the highlight of the year.  Beyond that, nothing has yet caught my attention but I’ll keep you posted.

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