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I was deeply saddened this morning to check my twitter feed and read that Laurent Fignon had passed away of cancer at age 50. I had not been aware that he was battling cancer so I was particularly shocked by the news.  Apparently he was still working, providing television commentary at this year’s Tour.

Laurent Fignon - painting by Randall Talbot

I wasn’t sure why I felt as sad as I did. I certainly never new him personally but I sensed he was a good guy. He was my hero back in the 80’s as I started to seriously follow professional cycling, and particularly the Tour de France. I loved this guy’s style.  His look was unique enough – with the blond ponytail and glasses – just not what you’d expect for a professional cyclist but obviously this guy could ride and from all indications he was a good person and sportsman.

I was impressed by the words of praise for Laurent that flowed out of Twitter today from so many in the cycling community that I respect. The comments seemed heartfelt and confirmed him as a well liked and respected person.

Laurent won the Tour de France  in 1983 and 1984 and very narrowly lost to Greg LeMond in 1989. His life was not without some controversy but nonetheless he will be missed.

R.I.P Laurent Fignon

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