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Zen – One with the Bike   Leave a comment

I recently had a great ride, one of those peak experiences on two wheels.

I was out on my road bike, my stripped down, “fast” bike. It’s nothing too special mind you – a 30-year old steel tube frame with its original wheels but with the addition of clipless pedals and high pressure clinchers it is a fair bit more responsive than my touring or mountain bikes. When I’m on this bike, I am one with it, we are one entity – my legs, the pedals, the chain, the wheels, the road. It is as if I was 100,000 years in the future when man has evolved to his ultimate form. Okay perhaps that’s getting a little too “out there” but it was a good ride and if you cycle you probably know the feeling.

So I am cruising along one of my usual training routes through the trails and residential streets from central Edmonton to the Terwilligar area in the southwest. It is a 40K out and back route that I typically do. Also typically I will pause at my turnaround point to eat a few bites of an energy bar (a mint chocolate one I think it was this day).

I arrive at the turnaround, the entry into a quiet cul-de-sac, I slow down, take a deep breath, anticipate my snack and a drink and think how darn good I am feeling. I coast around to the corner and brake to a stop … only to fall over onto the ground (fortunately onto a nice thick , soft area of grass).

You see, so at one with my bike I was feeling, that I completely forgot about unclipping my shoe from the pedal and putting a foot on the ground. Oops!

Fortunately, this happened at a quiet time in a quiet neighborhood, so I don’t think anyone saw me – but I almost wish some one had. I’m sure my fall would have looked like a well rehearsed move and I like a dancer.  I slowly fell onto my butt, then nonchalantly unclipped my shoe as I reached for my water bottle, had a drink and laid back into the grass – ahhh (“I meant to do that – yah, really”).

I had to chuckle then, and I smile every time I recall that ride – and the little non-riding portion when I realized that I wasn’t quite one with the bike.


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