Going for Gold – Week 2   Leave a comment

The second week (April 4th – 10th) of my preparation for the 2010 Golden Triangle tour.
This week started off by installing some new tires on my Proctor touring bike. It was the original tires on the bike that I replaced so that makes them a good 25 years old -the deteriorating sidewalls were my biggest concern. The new tires are Continental Ultra Gators.

On April 4th I did a 50K ride to test out those new tires and also my first ride on my touring bike – the one I intended to use for the Golden Triangle tour. This 50K ride took me to Rundle Park, on north through Heritage Park and back with a visit to the Strathcona Science park. I made a point of stopping to take photos on this ride.

April 5th was a 30K ride that took me south through Mill Creek ravine with a loop in Mill Woods.
On April 7th I did a short run at mid day (notably without pulling a calf muscle) and then a 30K ride on the evening of April 7th gave me a total of 110K for week 2. A spring blizzard on the 8th ruled out any more cycling this 2nd week of Golden Triangle preparation.

Posted May 4, 2010 by Randy Talbot in Cycle Touring

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