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There are a few “golden triangles” in the world but for a cyclist in this part of Canada it can mean only one thing. The Golden Triangle is a cycling loop starting at the Castle Mountain junction in Banff National Park and connecting to the towns Radium and Golden in the province of British Columbia. Those three points make the triangle with a little more than 100 Km between each – ideal for a three day cycling tour.

Google map of the Golden Triangle

After my first ride of the year – 20K on March 29, I headed out for another ride on the 31st, just to confirm that the good feelings of my initial outing was not a fluke. It wasn’t – despite winds and a couple of brief snow storms I did 30K and felt good.  I got home and followed up by joining the Edmonton Bicycle and Touring Club (EBTC). My intent was to do a lot more cycling in 2010 and use the club for inspiration and support.

The next day, April Fools’ Day I went a step further by committing to the EBTC’s Golden Triangle Tour, which occurs on the May long weekend (22nd to 24th) – just 7 weeks away. This wasn’t a long time to get my cycling legs back into shape but I was optimistic that I could do it. My initial goal was to get in 1000 Km of training before the trip.

Later that day I headed out west along the bike paths through Edmonton’s river valley – west on River Road, around Hawrelak Park, up Groat Road, down Keillor Road to Ft. Edmonton Park, then back with a side trip up and down McKinnon Ravine. There was still snow lining the sides of Keillor Road but overall the roads were dry.

I finished off that first week with a 30K ride on the 2nd. That gave me a solid 120K for the first week, all on my Kuwahara mountain bike -a good start.

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