2010 A Cyclist Again   Leave a comment

This blog has its origins with the re-birth, my re-commitment to cycling. After a long winter, on  the evening of March 29th 2010,  I hopped on my bike and headed out for my first ride of the year. It was a 20K jaunt on my mountain bike from central Edmonton out to Rundle Park and back. It was a cool evening and it was pretty much dark by the time I got home near 8:30 but I felt great. I felt like me again. I’d discovered something that had been missing.

With  that inspiring first ride I decided this would be the year I’d get back into serious cycling and I would do that by getting back to my roots. In this case those roots include re-joining the Edmonton Bicycle and Touring Club with whom I’d been very involved and had done a lot of touring with in the 1980’s.
After signing up for the club I noticed the upcoming registration for the Golden Triangle Tour and committed to that as a motivating goal. Now the challenge is to get in shape for three consecutive days of at least 100Km in the mountains. Subsequent blogs will update you on my progress.

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